Peak Explorations was born out of a mindset of living in the now and living life with a purpose, that is following one's truest desires. If your passion is to trek mountains or create memories in the great outdoors or travel the world on a backpack moving from one place to the next, then you found the right place for it.  Peak Explorations was created in conjunction with the blog, BrownGalTrekker.

​BGT is a Filipina who grew up in the bustling capital of the Philippines.  She had her first taste of becoming a nomad by moving to Seattle, WA as a teen and thereafter spending most of her adult life in Washington, DC. Despite a career in the legal field, BGT never stopped planning and executing travels and treks to any and all corners of the world. BGT's vision for adventure encompasses two important philosophies: focus on the human experience and travel on a budget. Oftentimes, there is magic to be had when we are posed with challenges and when the journey is not as easy as laying on the beach. The mountain trails behoove us to make it to the top of that peak and overcome the elements along the way. BGT has over 16 years of experience traveling and backpacking overseas, and is knowledgeable in creating budget friendly treks and tours. She first discovered the bliss of backpacking overseas in Guatemala.  Being a nomadic explorer and staying in simple accommodations and homestays as opposed to hotels opened the door to discovering the world at a more authentic level.  Trekking mountains is no different as with a backpack she discovered that with such enthusiasm for unpredictability and new experiences one can turn from being a city nomad to becoming a mountain nomad with ease.  

Since 2008, BGT has worked with various trekking clubs/groups in the Washington, DC area to serve as a liason between local operators overseas and the hiking/outdoors groups.  She and her hiking groups have trekked Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail, Ausangate Trek, Altai Mountain and Gobi Desert, Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Lakes and Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, Patagonia (Chile), Roraima (Venezuela), and multi-day treks and tours in Nicaragua, New Zealand, Iceland, Bolivia, Easter Island, South Africa and Indonesia. Peak Explorations markets tours and treks with a special focus on high altitude mountain trekking in Peru, Nepal, Mongolia, among many others.  Future trips include treks in K2 Base Camp in Pakistan, Indian Himalayas in Ladakh, Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan, and the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan. 

Peak Explorations is rooted in the notion of "community."  It intends to bring like-minded individuals together to create long-lasting friendships and partnerships in the outdoors.  Join our Facebook page here: Peak Explorations - No Boundaries.

our vision

To create partnerships in the tourism industry driven by the notions of inclusion, equity and sustainability.

our  mission

Traces of colonialism remain in the tourism industry whereby an imbalance of power is prevalent among its players.  This is best demonstrated by the type of partnerships that are forged between the local native communities and the foreign entity that seeks to market the culture, sights, and natural attractions of the specific country. Oftentimes, such partnerships wherein the foreign entity pays or employs the country’s locals, power dynamics lean in favor of the foreign entity that forged said partnership with the locals or locally owned tour agencies.  Oftentimes, this leads to an imbalance in power or income as majority of the benefits and profits go towards the foreign entity.


Peak Explorations aims to differ in its approach.  As a social enterprise founded on the principle of equity and responsible tourism, Peak Explorations is creating innovative approaches to the trekking tourism industry.  To begin with, Peak Explorations is founded by a Filipina American who was born in the Philippines and who migrated to America.  Its founder has witnessed first-hand the colonial mentality that continues as a prominent aspect of the psyche of the locals in the Philippines and the actions of foreign owned businesses.  As a world traveler for over 23 years, Peak Explorations’ founder has observed ongoing instances of colonialism-driven business approaches in the tourism industry wherein much of the power and decision-making capacities are exercised by foreign entities while depriving the local communities of its sense of self-determination, independence, self-sufficiency and long-term sustainability. 

Peak Explorations’ mission includes identifying best practices in the trekking tourism industry that will enhance the visibility and relevance of local communities in countries that are targeted by foreign business entities or organizations that demonstrate lack of commitment towards true partnerships in the tourism industry.  It identifies local partners in various countries worldwide who are making a conscious effort to empower women, indigenous groups and locals to become critical players in the tourism industry.  It aims to promote responsible sustainable tourism that is driven mainly by the local communities themselves as a way of life and to restore their roles in the ownership, operation, and management of their natural resources, cultural heritage and history as it should be absent the neo-colonialism that drives the industry today. As such, we educate tourists about the inequities in the industry to encourage tourists to become the advocates for change.  We conduct research and investigation on the ground to fully understand the current practices of local agencies and create solutions for a more inclusive and equitable industry. 


Peak Explorations prides itself as a catalyst for change in the tourism industry that will dismantle the traces of colonialism by creating cross-cultural business partnerships that are inspired by the notion of inclusion, equity and sustainability.

about our trips

Peak Explorations collaborates one on one with locally owned trekking and tourism operators as a way to reduce costs and assist in generating income for all local entities involved. We act as an intermediary/broker for locally owned trekking businesses with a mission to connect them with clients in the U.S.A.  Oftentimes , local trek operators cannot compete with huge western travel agencies for western customers.  Peak Explorations aims to change that and work alongside local trek operators to expand their customer base in the western part of the world.  


By avoiding  big travel agencies and going directly to the source, this not only ensures affordability of the trips but also allows local tourism operators to have the liberty to provide full oversight and management of the trips. Peak Explorations has established relationships with its affiliate local operators and each trek or tour offered by Peak Explorations has been tested first-hand. This partnership allows for sustainability of local businesses and economy, some of which are located in remote areas of the world and whose locals depend wholly on tourism as a source of living.


The competitive pricing on the treks/tours is possible by allowing flexibility and self-sufficiency on the part of the traveler.  For one, to reduce costs, travelers book their own flights on some of the treks we offer which allows them to have full flexibility in terms flight schedules and prices.  Fixed departures allow for solo travelers to join-in and share group costs; thereby resulting in significant price reduction.  In some treks/tours, travelers can opt for basic accommodations or pay a little more for comfort.  Peak Explorations aims to allow for flexibility and will accommodate the unique needs of each traveler.  


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