Distance covered:  63 Miles /102Km
Highest elevation point: 4860m / 1600 ft at Qoriwayrachina pass
Lowest elevation point: Playa Rosalina 1400m / 5400 ft


Start time: 4:00 am

Travel: Travel by bus on a 4 hour bus ride to the  village of Cachora, Hiking afterwards.

Difficulty level:  Hard.  The hot temperatures inside the Apurimac canyon make it a challenging hike, especially when we commence the last climb to our campsite from the river crossing at Playa Rosalina. The trail starts at 2930m/9524ft and descends to 1530m/5020ft at Playa Rosalina, the trail then climbs again to 1890m/6200ft at Santa Rosa Alta.

Highlights of the Day: 
On this day we meet our horseman and other staff members. We will begin our Choquequirao hike in Cachora 2950m/10005ft  a town along the edge of the Apurimac canyon. We will follow the trail, enjoying the dramatic landscapes and a variety of plant and animal life until we reach our campsite at Santa Rosa 1890m/6200ft.

Meals:  Breakfast on way to Cachora (not included), Lunch on the trek and dinner at the evening campsite.

Accommodation:  Camping in tents at a campsite at Santa Rosa.  The temperature at night is usually around 15º degrees.

Note: It is a challenging but amazing experience to hike down to the depths of the Apurimac Canyon and then up to the site in the clouds. Mind the altitude change from Cachora 2950m/10005ft to Santa Rosa 1650m/5413ft.


Start time: 5:00 am

Travel: Trekking all day.

Difficulty level:  Strenuous, today we continue to climb from Santa Rosa Alta to Marampata and Choquequirao.

Highlights of the Day: 
A steep  and arduous ascent from our campsite to the highest point  at Marampata 3150m/10579ft. Following this, we will hike through a thick cloud forest towards the Inca site of Choquekirao. At the campsite we will have some time to relax and enjoy the archaeological zone, as well as  plants, animals (hopefully condors), and views of nearby canyons and the snow-capped mountains of Choquetacarpo 5910m/19389ft.  We will camp  right beside Choquekirao Inca site 3033m/9950ft.

Meals: Breakfast at Santa Rosa Alta and both Lunch and dinner will be at the campsite in Choquequirao.

Accommodation: Camping in tents at Choquequirao 3033m/9950ft.  Temperature at night is usually around 9ºC/48°F.

Note: After we arrive at our destination in Choquequirao, we will have lunch and a well deserved rest before we commence our first 2 hour visit of Choquequirao.


Start time:  5:00 am

Travel: Trekking all day.

Difficulty level:  Strenuous

Highlights of the Day: 
During the first half of the day, we will dedicate to continuing to explore the city of Choquequirao 3033m/9950ft. In the afternoon we will continue with our hike towards our third campsite at Pinchunulluc 2487/8160ft.

Meals:  Breakfast and lunch at the Choquequirao campsite and dinner at the Pinchunulluc campsite.

Accommodation:  Camping in tents at Pinchunulluc campsite.


Start time:  5:00 am

Travel: Trekking all day.

Difficulty level:  Strenuous 

Highlights of the Day: 
Our path begins going down hill toward the Rio Blanco river, throughout this day we will enjoy an abundance of wildlife in this part of the trek. Birds, butterflies, and sometimes the famous Spectacled Bear can be seen on the trek. In the afternoon we will begin climbing again until we reach our campsite at Maizal. This location is in our own words, one of the most beautiful campsites of all treks in Cusco area.

Meals: Breakfast at Pinchunulluc, Lunch on the trek at Rio Blanco, and dinner at the campsite in Maizal.

Accommodation: Camping in tents at the Maizal campsite.

Note: The varying ecosystems today is amazing and dramatic, and our campsite at Maizal contains breathtaking views of the Qoriwayrachina Mountain.


Start time: 5:00 am

Travel: Trekking all day.

Difficulty level:  Strenuous


Highlights of the Day: 
Early in the morning we will continue our climb until we reach the Qoriwayrachina mountain pass. Along the way we will visit the old silver mines of Qoriwayrachina. From here we will continue to our campsite for the night at the beautiful picturesque village of Yanama 3520m/11549ft. 


Meals: Breakfast at Maizal, lunch at the Qoriwayrachina mountain pass and dinner at the campsite in the Yanama village.

Accommodation: Camping in tents at the Yanama campsite.

Note:The trail from Maizal to Yanama is strenuous due to the altitude gain. The Qoriwayrachina pass is 4145m/13599ft is the highest point on our trip.


Start time:  5:00 am

Travel: Travel by bus followed by trekking.

Difficulty level: Moderate  

Highlights of the Day: 
From our campsite in Yanama we will be taken to Hydroelectric on a 4 hour bus ride. Here we will be served lunch at Hydroelectric, we will walk toward Machu Picchu following the course of the Urubamba river for 3 hours until we reach the town of Aguas Calientes. We will spend the night in our hotel in Aguas Calientes before our visit to Machu Picchu the following day.

Meals: Breakfast at Yanama, lunch at the Hydroelectric, and dinner at the hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Accommodation: Hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Note: We will spend the night in Aguas Calientes and have an early dinner, leaving us ready for our visit to Machu Picchu the next day.

​DAY 7

Start time:  5:00 am

Travel: Bus to Machu Picchu, guided tour around Machu Picchu, trip back to Cusco by train.

Difficulty level:  Moderate

Highlights of the day: 
A 2 hour walking tour of Machu Picchu with your guide. Optional climb of Huayna Picchu trekking 2720m/8923ft. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the top.

Meals: Breakfast in the hotel at Aguas Calientes. Lunch in Aguas Calientes (not included)

Accommodation: You will be back in Cusco to your own accommodation for this evening.


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