WOMEN explorers ON THE MOVE!

Through Women Explorers on the Move, Peak Explorations, along with the blog, Brown Gal Trekker, intends to empower women to pursue their passion for the outdoors!


In addition to our regular trekking tours that are open to both men and women, Peak Explorations offers women-only treks to provide a unique trekking experience alongside other women who share the same love for the outdoors. These special treks are geared towards women of all types of hiking experience who wish to enjoy the company of other avid female hikers. The treks we design for women are also meant to create opportunities for women in countries such as Peru, Tanzania, Nepal and Mongolia. The goal is to empower local women to assume leadership roles as a guide or as an entrepreneur. Our women-only treks offer a combination of female guides, cooks, and porters as part of the trekking team. Female clients will enjoy the camaraderie as provided by their fellow women hikers and the female-led trekking team. Peak Explorations believes that by launching these women-only treks, we are empowering and paving the way for women to play a more active role as leaders on and off the trails.


To learn more about the motivations behind women-only treks, you can read Women Empowerment in the Outdoors: Inclusion or Exclusion?


Also, join our Meetup page to learn about our local and international events/trips via WOMEN EXPLORERS ON THE MOVE MEETUP.

join us on our all women treks!

all women huchuy qosqo trek to MACHU PICCHU




In addition to the women-only treks, Peak Explorations has initiated social projects to empower women and promote their voices in the outdoors.


One project that is underway is the creation of a film based on the poetry written by the founder of Peak Explorations, Marinel de Jesus (Brown Gal Trekker), as published on Huffpost and other media outlets. The poem is entitled, Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks, which will be the focus of the film in conjunction with showcasing a collection of photos and videos submitted by actual female hikers from all around the world. As such, the project is in collaboration with leading women-led outdoors organizations such as Hike Like a Woman, Camping for Women and Adventure Some Women. The ultimate goal is to showcase the film at various film festivals worldwide as a way to promote the presence of women in the media. You can learn more about the film HERE

The project is in collaboration with various women-led outdoors entities including Hike Like a Woman, Camping for Women, and Adventure Some Women.



'Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks' Huffpost link


For women who are new to backpacking, Peak Explorations has launched a series of courses to introduce women to the art of wilderness backpacking.  The series was launched in June of 2017 with four parts to it:

1. Intro to Backpacking 

2. Beginner Backpacking Trip

3. International Wilderness Backpacking + Actual Overseas Backpacking Trip 

4. A Guide to Preparing for High Altitude Trekking

Parts 1 and 2 are held in the D.C. metro area.  Parts 3 and 4 will be made available as downloadable content.  

Our Art of Solo Travel Workshop addresses the following:

1. The research and planning aspect of it.

2. Safety concerns: myths v. reality of solo traveling.

3. Other considerations: being culturally sensitive, mental approach to traveling solo, surviving language barriers, diet/nutrition, fitness, insurance, how to make friends, other scenarios you would need to prep for.

4. Must have gear & recommendations.

5. Travel resources and solo travel communities.

If you wish to learn more about the series and/or would like us to facilitate a workshop in your area, please contact us!  To see our calendar of workshops and backpacking trips in the DC area, see our WOMEN EXPLORERS ON THE MOVE MEETUP.


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